The World Needs More Selfish Mothers

Uncategorized Jul 21, 2021

Real talk - We need more selfish mothers 


Wait, I hear you talking, rolling your eyes. Making the first judgement, “Did she just say that?”


But listen up.


The world needs more selfish mothers.


Here’s why - 


If you’re a mom, chances are you might feel a bit overwhelmed, tired and stressed.


Maybe you’re constantly the default care-taker, feeling the pressure to do it all and be it all to everyone around you. Family, job, kids, partners, even pets!


You’ve got a boat load of “things” to do on a daily basis. 


“A mom’s job is never done!”


Sounds about right?


After last year's challenging times, more mothers are waking up to the fact that the old way of thinking and being - a chef, chauffeur, cleaner, sport mom, snack maker, executive assistant, organizer, scheduler and all the things - DOESN’T WORK!


If it did, why then do we...

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Uncategorized Jul 21, 2021

A letter to YOU when you feel like they’re not doing enough.

This post has been a long time coming.

It just took a big car accident and lots of time off to realize what I’d needed to say for a long time.

For so many years, I’ve been a people pleaser. A spunky, enthusiastic chick that didn’t have a problem telling people what I thought, but always felt like I needed to cater to people.

Then I launched a healthy eating blog in 2013 while I was about to birth my third kid. At the hospital literally about to have a baby, I was creating a digital cookbook and a website to help people eat more veggies.

I got asked to guest blog here and there for things that interested me (food!). Who wouldn’t say no? More exposure right?

But I never really thought about how it would affect my brand and who I was. Or in the next few years. I felt like I got labeled by something that wasn’t exactly true.

The truth be told, we eat dairy. And have pizza sometimes. And,...

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What do you do when shiz hits the fan?

When everything’s falling apart all around you?
Do you run, hide, cry, Netflix binge, get angry, drink, shut down, and deal with everything internally?
Do you make the ultimate sacrifice and give yourself? Even when there’s nothing left to give?

Recently, my husband and I have been fighting like cats and dogs.

Everyday, it’s something new.

The boys, money, and the building permits (oh my!), and instead of clutching each other even tighter, we seem to get into yelling matches of who is doing more, who’s not doing a thing, and how we’re not being taken care of.

We’ve had to transition a lot these past six months.

We ripped our roots from living in the Bay Area to move closer to the property, and we just expected things to be easy and everything with our property to be a “simple” process. Ha! It’s been anything but.

The problem is that starting a new life and replanting roots...

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Healthy Living Tips

Can’t remember the last time you took 5 or 10 minutes out of your day to breathe, do something nice for yourself or make yourself feel special?

Then, this is for YOU!

Last Christmas my husband got into a huge pileup on the freeway and completely totaled his truck.

It was my worst nightmare.

You can read the whole story here.

It was a total wake up call.

Not only to cherish my family every single day and try to be more present.

But, to start taking care of me.

I realized at that moment when I received the call from my husband that I was just speeding through life, not appreciating anything, and most importantly, I realized that I didn’t even know who I was anymore.

Before kids, husbands, and 24-7 responsibility, I remember my self-care being a thing I did weekly. No exceptions.

Every Sunday, I’d deep clean and condition my hair, give myself a foot bath and face mask and just really sit and enjoy pampering myself.

It was an hour or so routine that...

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Stuck In Overwhelm Mode? Here’s help

2018 has officially kicked my a*s!

With the flu making its way around all five of us, trips to the ER, visits to the doc, migraines, forgotten birthday (oh sorry husband!) plus the daily oh shit schedules from school, work, and errands, and on top of all of that, MOVING 2 hours away!?

UGH Talk about stress!

How about you? ;)

Do you get caught up in the “shoulds” or how things are supposed to be, that you rarely take the time to see just how far you’ve come? Like it’s just not enough?

What happens if we stop to actually see how much we do?

Check this out (and this doesn’t even include all the daily minutia of butts, teeth, laundry, lunches, and on and on).

Since my hubby’s big car accident I’ve ~

  • Subscribed to Headspace and have meditated over 26 hours! Yes. From someone who had never meditated before. I’ve committed to doing just 10 mins a day.
  • Created a 10 day cleanse called Kickstart...
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We bring a real, no bs approach to the biggest topics of life (of which no one's talking about?!) like self-care, mothering, obligations, boundaries and lots more.