Uncategorized Nov 18, 2022

Have you noticed all the advertisements lately on all the “Real Foods” and “Pure” or “Natural” Foods by the big brands?

I don’t watch too much tv, except when I get the rare opportunity to sit down and actually watch my fave shows — cooking shows, of course, oh and Luther on Netflix. So good. — but the amount of food advertisements since the New Year for just plain junk food is unbelievable.

Kellogg’s recently had a commercial about their new cereal called Nourish. They showed beautiful coconuts, bright red raspberries, cranberries, and fresh almonds. Talking about raspberries, coconut, nuts, seeds, and real food – the number of ingredients listed on this deceptively “healthy” cereal box should make you ass run as far away from that box as fast as you can.

Think you’re eating healthy?

Check out the ingredients for this cereal claiming to be healthy::


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