$111.00 USD

Book your reiki experience with Shauna 

Signs you might benefit from a reiki session:

1. You don't sleep well or wake up feeling exhausted even though you slept 8 hours
2. You’re experiencing some anxiety or worry feelings
3. You have trouble relaxing
4. You’re carrying loads from the past
5. You tend to get "heady" or overthinking often
6. You just wanna relax
7. You just wanna feel grounded
8. You just wanna feel lighter
9. You just wanna feel what it feels like
10. You just wanna continue healing 


You'll leave feeling lighter, more open, with clearer energy.



  • a 60-minute zoom call where you can expect to relax, release and reset. I tell my clients the experience is like a gentle massage for the soul
  • Local, in person sessions available. 


Since this is such a personal experience, the call will not be recorded. No refunds. Strict 24-hour cancellation policy will be held. To honor our time, if appointment not canceled within 24 hours, you will be charged the full investment.