Hi I'm Shauna

The ROCKSTAR Self Care Coach and Burnout Expert. Host of the wildly popular and in your face podcast, The Possibility Show, and Certified Level 2 Reiki Practitioner.

I’ve been helping women SIMPLIFY LIFE AND STEP INTO THEIR POWER for close to a decade after struggling with and healing from my own physical and emotional BURNOUT.

It wasn’t until I was forced to slow down (hello, car accidents, adrenal fatigue and candida) that I began my own healing journey that radically changed my life. 

Since then, I’ve been helping thousands of women get off the burnout bus and step into their more confident, thriving life.

If you want to be a part of our rebel movement, find out ways to work with me below.

Hi I'm Shaun Bryant


I am the founder of The Inner Workings Movement, Rockin’ Mom’s Kitchen, and the 5 Day Self Care Mastery Challenge.

I’ve been helping moms SIMPLIFY LIFE for 7+ years after struggling with my own mental breakdown after having my third son.

Back then, life was hectic and stressful. I felt like I was drowning. I was stuck in overwhelm and momming wasn’t fun.

It wasn’t until I was introduced to a simple, radical act that changed my life. 

Since then, I’ve been able to help hundreds of moms get out of their burnout cycle and get back into the fun.

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Why I do this

There's a culture of women that feel the constant pressure to DO-IT-ALL that they end up feeling unhappy, overwhelmed, anxious, resentful and so much more.

Can you say b*tchy and snappy?

If you're like most of the women I work with, you might feel like the only way to live is by self-sacrifice for the greater good of the family. That's what's been so engrained in our DNA.

And I'm calling BULLSH*T!

If that worked, we would see so many women confident, thriving, and happy.

Instead we see them tired, exhausted and tapped the eff out.

So, we're creating a movement of women who are ready to take back their power by taking care of themselves.

Only then, will you be able to create a happy, healthy family - all of which STARTS AND ENDS WITH YOU!

Let me show you the what's possible for you when you begin making yourself a priority.




If you're craving more support and have found me, welcome! If you've been hanging with me for a while, HI! So good to see you. I currently work 1:1 with women who are ready to do the work and commit to themselves. 

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Come hang with me and our community for a hour+ of fun and encouragement. If you're new to me, this is a great way to get to know me and see how I can help transform your life, yep, it's possible in an hour.

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As a Level Two Certified Reiki Practitioner, Shauna can help you get more grounded, balanced and feel more in-tuned with yourself. Book your reiki session and experience the healing and relaxation benefits. In person and virtual appointments available. 

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Here's how Shauna can help you...


Erin R.


When I began working with Shauna, I was experiencing a ton of stress-there were simply too many demands between work and being a mom all in a pandemic. As a result of our work together, I learned what boundaries actually look like in my life and how to implement them without sacrificing my relationships.


Melanie K.


Shauna is such a rockstar at helping you make small steps to big results. My life can feel like it's in overdrive sometimes and as a busy mama I don't always prioritize myself. Shauna's small, helpful and actionable steps help make it feel more manageable. She's so real, down to earth, and truly cares about the people she works with. So grateful for her work. 


Hannah D.


Shauna helped me OWN my self care. It was a tough topic to digest but now I'm fully aware of how empowering this is. No longer am I looking outside of myself for permission to take care of myself. This is priceless.

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